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This game was made very very VERY Well! That when I took a look at the game, i favorite it without even playing it yet! Good Job!


please tell me you saw "Some guy yells at some cats"

WeirdRikert responds:

That's the sample for sure : 3

This is awesome!

This game is awesome!

Its not a bad game :D, I think mechanic wise it functions pretty good, trying to beat a level first hand is somewhat overwhelming but The level design overall is well thought out, IT just takes a few tries and some thinking to beat em.

I know this is your first game in all, but a side quest or more levels is needed. This game's engagement was to good to wrap up so quickly. So probably in the next game you make you'll have more content to share.

Other Stuff like music is also cool to, loved the fact you used midi instruments to give this game quite an old computer game aesthetic. I will argue that original composition should be a priority... ALWAYS! Remixing is ok, but use some original ideas to. Games like this could potentially become big (Baldi's Basic for example), and most folks might point out copyright issues on the spot. But since this is also a fan game to I can't knock it to much.

"But just be careful is all I'm saying. I used to be the same way to, then overtime I got original with content."

The graphics and sprites are also ok to. Love the use of Clip art jpeg's for objects and backgrounds! I think its a pretty hilarious gimmick to Poorly made PowerPoints and flash games. I really appreciate you trying to be original with tiles and other characters such as sexyhiker. I would really love to see ingame achievements as well. Beside Newgrounds Badges.

Difficulty wise I'll say its almost there, but not as prominent. I loved how Sexy Hiker Entrance in I believe the 5th level was unexpected. And every time you come across him its always engaging. Maybe beside the final battle, I felt like more could be added, but I don't want to sound greedy because this is your "first big game". Another thing to is that if there was more content in the game, maybe the game would be WAY Much harder.

If you plain to make a sequel, for a potential world select, the computer should upgrade as well, as a small little... funny trope.

So, I feel like this is a great start. The game is playable, its not boring, Its Way better than what I expected from the thumbnail *no offense to the artist* also when I clicked and saw how many people involved with this project I was like ".....SHeeeeeshh this is something bigger then what I expected." The music is good to but like I said be more original. And its somewhat inspiring... "As a game developer stance." I said that because, your an upcoming game designer and for how somewhat mechanically bad the movement was abit... It was fun to play still because it dives into more deeper elements to make it seem more complex. Like the wall jump and the acceleration, and how all of that was implemented into the levels, which is great game design in my book.

To conclude this review, because I just wrote a whole frikin essay. Love to see more Content from you and the crew of people you gather up. I really want you to be more original with your stuff because I feel you might make something original, and it become one of Newgrounds crowing achievements. Think about it.

Also Hi @Cyberdevil & @kruno5gaming


Not bad, I've think you've got the idea for the game down... But its just about level design. Which is one of my main issue about this game. If you can execute level design perfectly. This game will stand out in all factors, both music, graphics, mechanics, and level design.

I got a bone to pick with the mechanics as well, I feel like diagonal movement should be implemented, certain obstacle's requires a little bit of diagonal movement ngl. The first part of the first level I struggled a bit upon.

But overall this is an idea I encourage you to touch up on more, for its idea is original, unique, and very promising "Only with the few touch up's I suggested to you."

I got stuck at beginning of 20 lol need a small hint....

Overall these where very well though levels

This was a very cool game :D

This is Awesome!

I certainly enjoy this game, its really small and Simple, the characters are really cute, the gameplay is spectacular, and it sure is difficult as well.

Overall if you continue to make more rhythm games in the near future, this project was definitely a great start.

Good Job!

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